ScaleX: upcoming scalability experiment

As you might know DiveReal relies on exaQuark to connect people together in VR.

And exaQuark enables a completely new paradigm for social VR: instead of having the concurrent users in many tiny rooms everybody is in the same space.

The successful VRChat got 20,000 peak concurrent users last week, how would it be to have them all in one huge crowd instead of many little rooms with max 16 users ?

That’s why we are preparing DiveReal ScaleX. We want to have as many avatars as possible together in one place.

First step: check the graphic card limits. Avatars on first row are in high resolution, on second row in low res and far away only silhouettes.

My VR-ready PC sporting a slow GTX970 did not complained and ran at 80-90fps

This is the iMOG paradigm: infinitely multiplayer online games.


How to enter DiveReal

VR Headset: 

Oculus Rift (CV1 or DK2 with a headphone)  — you need a VR headset…

DiveReal is in the Oculus Store (invitations only):

You can ask for an invitation on our webpage or by email to



See you in soon in DiveReal !


Oculus Rift CV1




As you might know, COP23 –the United Nations conference for climate change– is organized this year by Fidji –a “small islands developing state”. However, Fidji is far from everything and too small to host the conference and its thousands of attendees.

UN CC LEARN XvnqNFxw.jpg

So the conference is hosted by UN in its buildings at Bonn, the very central capital of former West-Germany. And DiveReal will be there. Physical attendees would be able to travel in VR to small islands in Pacific and Indian Oceans and feel what would be to live a small island with rising seas and disappearing coral reefs.

People all around the planet is invited to join the event and to participate to COP23. The COP23 virtual booth inside DiveReal is open the 6th, 7th and 8th of November.

COP23 marketing (1).png  November 7th from 3pm to 5pm (GMT+1) we organize a special event featuring conversations with UN officials. Please come and join !

Toward Digital Teleportation

With DiveReal, you can now already send your digital self –your avatar– at anyplace on the planet to meet with others, and thanks to the wonders of VR, you really have the feeling of being there with your buddies.
But soon, with the power of augmented reality (magic leap anyone?), the people at the remote location will be able to see your hologram and talk with you.
This is digital teleportation. On a snap you can teleport yourself where you want. In the morning your have a meeting in New York, on the afternoon you laugh with friends in Tokyo.
Suddenly, everyone is closer.
We are all together in a huge city spanning across all our planet.

How DiveReal Started

When Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2B, the comments were: “too expensive”, “Facebook should stay out of gaming arena”, etc… Both CEOs had to come out and explain what was all about. Mark Zuckerberg said it was a “new communication platform,” Brendan Iribe gave more detail and explained that Oculus wants to build a billion-person MMO with Facebook.

Oculus wants to build a billion-person MMO with Facebook

I don’t know if many bought the story but we took it seriously and decided to build the platform they were talking about.

Actually, Facebook-Oculus VR face a problem no one seems to mention: even for Facebook or Blizzard, getting simultaneously one billion avatars inside a virtual world is not that easy. So far, at best few hundred avatars can get together in a virtual world. The classical way to deal with this issue is by splitting up the space in many small “islands”, “realms” or “shards”. However, last year, we came up with eXaQuark, an MMO networking solution breaking these limits.
We are now ready to implement the Metaverse.
With the first versions of DiveReal, our Oculus Rift enabled MMO, we expect to gather user feedback. Later plans are in the (near) future… Stay tuned.