ScaleX: upcoming scalability experiment

As you might know DiveReal relies on exaQuark to connect people together in VR.

And exaQuark enables a completely new paradigm for social VR: instead of having the concurrent users in many tiny rooms everybody is in the same space.

The successful VRChat got 20,000 peak concurrent users last week, how would it be to have them all in one huge crowd instead of many little rooms with max 16 users ?

That’s why we are preparing DiveReal ScaleX. We want to have as many avatars as possible together in one place.

First step: check the graphic card limits. Avatars on first row are in high resolution, on second row in low res and far away only silhouettes.

My VR-ready PC sporting a slow GTX970 did not complained and ran at 80-90fps

This is the iMOG paradigm: infinitely multiplayer online games.


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