How DiveReal Started

When Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2B, the comments were: “too expensive”, “Facebook should stay out of gaming arena”, etc… Both CEOs had to come out and explain what was all about. Mark Zuckerberg said it was a “new communication platform,” Brendan Iribe gave more detail and explained that Oculus wants to build a billion-person MMO with Facebook.

Oculus wants to build a billion-person MMO with Facebook

I don’t know if many bought the story but we took it seriously and decided to build the platform they were talking about.

Actually, Facebook-Oculus VR face a problem no one seems to mention: even for Facebook or Blizzard, getting simultaneously one billion avatars inside a virtual world is not that easy. So far, at best few hundred avatars can get together in a virtual world. The classical way to deal with this issue is by splitting up the space in many small “islands”, “realms” or “shards”. However, last year, we came up with eXaQuark, an MMO networking solution breaking these limits.
We are now ready to implement the Metaverse.
With the first versions of DiveReal, our Oculus Rift enabled MMO, we expect to gather user feedback. Later plans are in the (near) future… Stay tuned.


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